Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Call for Papers: Globalization and Economic Nationalism in Asia

Conference on “Globalization and Economic Nationalism in Asia",
December 3-4, 2009, COPENHAGEN

Asia Research Centre
Copenhagen Business School

Economic nationalism is not new. Mercantilist practices by European trading nations followed by protection of domestic industries in Europe and Japan and later in many Asian and developing countries in the post World War II period have characterized much of global capitalism. Economic nationalism has been justified on the basis of national security and the well-being of citizens. With the rise of neoliberal ideology and its practice by multinationals through foreign direct investments
(FDI) for global economic integration, economic nationalism has been on the retreat, at least superficially, and in the context of the current global financial crisis, perhaps temporarily. Many Asian countries have benefited from global
engagement: the four
“Asian dragons” followed by South East Asian economies, China since the reforms of 1979, and India since the reforms begun in the 1980s. To some degree globalization has been credited with Asia’s economic, political, technological, and cultural resurgence but economic nationalism has been and continues to be a factor of Asian development. We posit that new forms of economic nationalism are coming to light precisely because of vulnerabilities associated with globalization or additional opportunities that the world economy offers. In other words, economic nationalism coexists with globalization as disputes over trade, investment, balance of payments, exchange rate controls, immigration, and intellectual property rights persist. We believe the current global financial crisis can be expected to correct some of the past excesses of a deregulated economic system, which has focused more on growth and less on social policies, and thereby resurrect economic nationalism in new ways through policies of inclusive growth and development.

This conference calls for papers that directly address the significance of economic nationalism in Asia in an era of changing global capitalism. How economic nationalism has changed in the last 30 years in Asia and where and how it might be heading are central questions that this conference will try to address. Comparative, regional, and sectoral approaches as well as strong Asia-specific theoretical and empirical papers are most welcome. Given the nature of the theme, interdisciplinary, political-economic, sociological, and historically-sensitive analysis will be seen as the most appropriate.

Scholars and policy-makers who wish to present at the conference are invited to submit an expanded abstract in pdf format electronically by July 27, 2009 to:


Complete papers of 7,000-10,000 words must be submitted by October 25, 2009.
The conference organizers will make every effort to provide economy airfare and accommodation for presenters whose papers are selected by the scientific committee.

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Professor of Indian
Studies and Research Director
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