Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Call for conference papers: Technology Transfer Society Conference 2014

Technology Transfer Society Conference 2014
Baltimore, Maryland (October 23 –October 25)
Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School

The Baltimore/DC area is a major biotechnology and information systems corridor in the U.S. The 2014 conference will feature participants from the NIH, FDA, USPTO, and public and private players in the technology transfer and commercialization ecosystem.

The theme for T2S’14 is Translational Science. Translation is the stage between bench discovery and proof-of-concept, in which a scientific discovery has to be developed into a working application before it can be a funding opportunity. It is an unavoidable stage in the innovation process because until the market sees what a discovery might mean for users, it cannot be valued and commercialized. The organizers and scientific committee of the T2S’14 are pleased to extend an invitation to submit competitively reviewed abstracts related to translational science. Of particular interest are submissions that focus on the identification of the translation phenomenon and on definitions of what constitutes successful translation. Abstracts that propose theoretical and empirical models to better understand the factors that affect translation, such as the organizational structures and processes, antecedents and macro-environmental contingencies, and policies and governance arrangements are of particular interest.

General interest topics are also welcomed in the areas of technology transfer, technology driven economic development, management of intellectual property, public-private partnerships, academic entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial process, corporate entrepreneurship, spins offs, spin-ins, and spin-outs, discovery science, alliances and networks, technology policy, entrepreneurial and public finance.

Abstracts (1-2 pages) should be submitted Cassandra Smith, Program Coordinator: by March 15, 2014.

Deadline for Submission of Selected Full Papers for Workshop and Journal Review: May 15, 2014

Deadline for Early-Bird Registration: August 1, 2014

To ensure that you stay up-to-date on the latest T2S 2014 announcements, please ensure that you add Program Coordinator Cassandra Smith at to your “safe senders” list.

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