Wednesday, April 15, 2015

General call for papers: Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies (OMEE)

The Multidisciplinary Research Journal: Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies (OMEE)

General Call for Papers

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Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies mission is to contribute to the development and dissemination of multidisciplinary knowledge on organizations and markets in emerging economies, to increase dialogue among scholars focused on more narrow research issues within the OMEE scope and, finally, to offer an outlet for high quality scholarship.

The journal takes a broad definition of emerging economies. As such, emerging economies include the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe, Asian nations (China, India, Vietnam, and others) that are increasing their free-market systems, countries in Central and South America, and finally countries in Africa. Each of these regions faces unique challenges and we encourage research that highlights the uniqueness of the particular region or country, while whenever possible seeks to identify shared patterns of organizational and market behaviour across different emerging economy contexts and across emerging economy and developed economy contexts.

The submitted papers can take economic, sociological or psychological perspectives. The Journal is open for various types of articles:
  • Review articles, which summarize and evaluate the current stock of knowledge on a specific issue;
  • Conceptual/theory building articles, which develop propositions and outline directions for further research;
  • Empirical papers, which study specific issues employing qualitative or quantitative methodologies.
  • Other types 
Topics of special interest include, but are not limited to:
  1. Organizational learning and change in emerging economies.
  2. MNE’s in emerging economies.
  3. Alliances, networks and clusters in emerging economies.
  4. Corporate and functional strategies in emerging economies.
  5. Market development and consumer behaviour in emerging economies.
We equally appreciate and encourage submissions by scholars from both emerging and developed economies. The strength of the journal is openness to contributions of scholars coming from diverse geographical contexts disciplinary backgrounds, theoretical traditions, and methodological approaches. This is reflected in the structure of our editorial board as well as in the way Journal assigns reviewers. Such philosophy and ensuing practice allows the double-blind peer review procedure to be rigorous, constructive, and stimulating, which helps advance research papers.

The submissions will be considered for upcoming issues of Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies. For more information, please visit homepage of the Journal Inquiries and papers should be sent by e-mail

Prof. Sigitas Urbonavicius,
Editor-in-Chief Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies