Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Call for Papers: Research in International Marketing: The state of the art and the art of the state

Research in International Marketing: The state of the art and the art of the state – directions for future research
Call for papers
As usual we invite papers within all fields of international marketing: standardization – adaptation of the marketing mix, competitive advantage, internationalization trajectories (Born Globals – traditional firms), performance of international marketing, entry mode strategies, relationship with foreign partners, role of contracts in international marketing, cross cultural / comparative studies, country of origin effects, global marketing strategies, portfolio strategies, product development, country risk analysis, , the new promotional landscape etc. One “evident” field of research is of course international marketing in the post financial crisis era.
This time however we will particularly encourage participants to submit papers reviewing the state of the art of our discipline. More than thirty years have elapsed since our discipline took off in earnest and we still have to agree on common platform for further theory advancements. Many of our contributions show contradictory results, with more or less the same hypotheses being supported and rejected – much dependent on the context in which the studies have been carried out, and sometimes also due to different methodologies. We invite you to take a critical view on our own contribution and to discuss how we can be useful to academia and business community at large. We therefore also invite participants to present future project ideas, in order to discuss possible collaboration and hence (hopefully) to help us get further in understanding this field of study. All full manuscripts and abstracts in digital form (MS Word file) should be submitted electronically by February 15, 2010 via the conference webpage. Manuscripts should follow the style guidelines of the Journal of International Marketing (Journal of International Marketing Submission Guidelines.pdf?available for downloading from the webpage) and are submitted with the understanding that they are original, unpublished works and are not being reviewed elsewhere.
Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings in digital format. The authors can choose to publish either their full manuscript or a detailed abstract in the proceedings when first submitting their work. Each participant of the conference will receive a CD containing the conference proceedings. In addition, accepted manuscript will be considered for publication in Advances in International Marketing through a double-blind review process.
CONTACT INFORMATION CIMaR 2010 Joint Conference Contact
Prof. Carl Arthur Solberg
Department of Marketing
BI Norwegian School of Management
Room C4-082Nydalsveien 37N-0442
Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 464 10 569 E-mail:

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