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Call for conference papers: International Conference of the Association of Global Management Studies

2014 International Conference of the Association of Global Management Studies

Saïd Business School

University of Oxford

Park End Street

Oxford, UK

May 20th-21st 2014

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Michael Barrett, University of Cambridge Prof. Sundeep Sahay, University of Oslo

Theme: Global Management and Innovation across Business Disciplines International Conference of the Association of Global Management Studies (AGMS) provides a platform to discuss challenges pertaining to contemporary issues in management studies. It also fosters multidisciplinary research involved in the development of theoretical and practice knowledge of all business and related fields by researchers, educators and practitioners.

Conference Tracks

  • 1. Big Data ? Big Impacts: Governance, Accountability & Control
  • 2. Cultural Management
  • 3. eLearning/Distance Learning
  • 4. Entrepreneurship Management
  • 5. Globalization and Sustainability
  • 6. Human Capital
  • 7. Human Resource Management
  • 8. Knowledge, Innovation & Technology Management
  • 9. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • 10. Management Information Systems
  • 11. Managing Projects
  • 12. Marketing Management
  • 13. Organization Development and Change
  • 14. Pedagogy, Teaching and Curriculum in Management Education
  • 15. Perspectives in Management Studies
  • 16. Strategic Management & Organization Ecology
  • 17. Workplace Diversity
  • 18. Workplace Dynamics and Employee Engagement

Submission of Papers:

No submission to 2014 International Conference of AGMS should already have been published in a journal, presented at another conference, or be currently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere. All submissions are reviewed by the track chairs, program committee, and selected reviewers. All reviews are double blind. The editorial board will make the final determination as to whether the accepted papers are published in the 2014 AGMS Proceedings or qualify for publication in the International Journal of Global Management Studies (IJGMS) or International Journal of Global Management Studies Professional (IJGMSP). All AGMS journals and proceedings are refereed and registered with the Library of Congress (IJGMS - ISSN: 1945-3876 print copy and ISSN: 1945-3884 online; IJGMSP - ISSN: 1945-385X print copy and ISSN: 1945-3868 online and AGMS Proceedings 2013 - ISSN:

2150-8461print copy and ISSN: 2150-8488 online). Authors of accepted papers will be notified by March 15, 2014.

Format of Submitted Papers:

Papers should follow the style recommended by the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual. The language of the conference and related publications is English. Each accepted paper must be presented at the conference and be accompanied by paid registration. Each submitted paper must include an abstract and must conform to the following format: First Page: Title, authors, mailing address, phone, fax, email address, and abstract. Second and subsequent pages: (limited to 25 double-spaced pages).

Please submit electronic copy in Microsoft Word format to the Conference President(s):

Prof. Dr. John Saee, ESB Business School, Reutlingen University, Reutlingen, Germany OR Dr. Mukesh

Srivastava, College of Business, University of Mary Washington, USA or no later than March 15, 2014

Any submission that is received after the deadline, exceeds length requirements, or does not adhere to the format will be rejected without review.


Submission deadline: March 15, 2014

Conference acceptance notification: Rolling acceptance until April 1, 2014 Final version due: April 10, 2014 IJGMS and IJGMSP Journal notification: Rolling acceptance

For more information, style guidelines about journals, and conference registration fee, visit the AGMS website at,, and