Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Call for Papers: The Great Recession of 2008 and its Impact on International Business.

The Great Recession of 2008 and its Impact on International Business.
DEADLINE: Submissions are being accepted through February 28, 2010.

Guest Editor: Amir Shoham, College of Management - Academic Studies, Israel.

This special issue will include studies dealing with the current economic crisis and the lessons that it can teach about the international environment and management of international businesses.

The perspective on the development of the global economic crisis is still short-term and provides a look straight from the eye of the storm. Understanding the sources of the crisis and its impact can teach us much about how to manage, what to do and not to do and, perhaps, how to avoid similar complex events in the future. Since the crisis is global and encompasses so many different sectors and countries, it is important to present research on a broad variety of topics related to its socio-political and economic antecedents and impact. Some topics suitable for inclusion in the Special Issue include:

Ø Company, national, industry and regional factors associated with global economic crisesØ Impact of the global economic crisis on emerging marketsØ Impact of the crisis on select local and global industriesØ How companies have managed the great recessionØ Strategies to deal with structural and cyclical fluctuations in the global economyØ Do we need to change or adapt theories in light of new evidence?

The Editor of the Special Issue has intentionally kept the list of suggested topics short so as to stimulate creativity and encourage prospective authors to adopt a variety of perspectives when approaching this subject. The Special Issue will include a state-of-the art collection of papers relating what we can learn about impact of the crisis and business management in an international environment.

All articles will be submitted to a process of peer evaluation, in accordance with the editorial policy of TIBR. They must conform with TIBR's editorial policy, which is available at

For questions regarding this special issue, authors are invited to contact:

Submissions for this issue should be submitted electronically to TIBR at .

Please indicate that the submission is for this special issue. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT include your identifying contact information or title/cover page in your files when uploading the manuscript.

Dr. Amir ShohamSenior LecturerThe School of Business AdministrationThe College of ManagementE-mail: +972-52-6554492Fax: +972-77-9103221 20

Editorial Office - Mary B. Teagarden, Editor1 Global PlaceGlendale, AZ 85306-6000

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