Monday, May 4, 2009

Call for Papers: Consumer behavior and marketing strategies of enterprises in the European market

Consumer behavior and marketing strategies of enterprises in the European market
During the last decade of the 20th and at the beginning of the 21st century many changes have occurred on European market. The inclusion of new CEE countries into the process of the European integration combined with intensification process of liberalization of commodity and service turnover as well as a free flow of technology, people and, above all, capital have had a stimulating effect on the development of economies in these countries as well as in “old” member states. Thanks to systematic structural and ownership changes, many of state monopolies operating on CEE markets have been replaced with a diversified structure of private companies. European market has been also witnessed to successful operation of foreign firms, especially from USA or Asia.
All those changes have significant influence on European firms strategies and other marketing activities. Each of these companies is trying to gain a competitive advantage over the others through development of the market offer, implementation of permanent innovation processes and organization of large-scale promotional activities.
These activities are not of neutral character to consumer behaviors, as they force consumers to take many adaptable decisions. All these activities, however, call for knowledge about marketing strategies of companies and different market institutions as well as about consumers, their behaviors and factors conditioning and differentiating such behaviors on European market.

Theoretical discussions, empirical research and case studies are sought which address two main topics:
  • • Consumer behavior on European market
  • • Marketing strategies of companies on European market
  • Also papers related to other topics are welcome.


Publication will be published as monograph (with ISBN number) by Publishing House of Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice.


Prof. dr. Mario Glowik Dr hab. Sławomir Smyczek


01.07.2009 – submission of title of paper (with short abstract)
25.07.2009 – notification of accepted papers
01.10.2009 – submission of final paper for publication
Abstract and final paper should be sent as e-mail attachment (Microsoft Word document) to or to
Please provide complete mailing address and e-mail address on all of your correspondence

• Prepare paper in English on A4 paper with 1,5 space
• Use 12 pt Time New Roman (please, no fancy script type)
• The length of papers should not exceed 20 pages including references, tables, appendices etc. • Use only footnotes, list of all references in alphabetical order placed at the end of paper
• All paragraphs should be indented, don’t skip line between paragraphs
• All headings must be with left margin and in bold type
• First page should contain title of paper, author’s name and affiliation (name and full address of institution)


For further information, please email
With best regards,
Slawomir Smyczek and Mario Glowik
Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice
Ul. 1 Maja 5040-287 Katowice, Poland

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