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Call for Papers: AIB 2010 Annual Meeting

AIB 2010 Annual Meeting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 25-29, 2010

Theme: International Business in Tough Times
Submission Deadline: January 15th, 2010

Program Chair: Tatiana Kostova, Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina
We live in historic and conflictual times. On the one hand, the recent global economic crisis that swiftly spread throughout the world has highlighted the risks and challenges of globalization and has emboldened its critics in a powerful way. The value of globalization is now being questioned not only by a few advocate groups but by governments and societies at large and the voices favoring deglobalization are becoming stronger than ever. Powerful nation-states, large multinational organizations, global business leaders, and even free market ideologies are being discredited and blamed for the crisis. On the other hand, the world is unprecedently interconnected through a complex web of product, capital, labor, and knowledge flows and through an increasing number of global governance institutions. Dozens of countries, thousands of companies, and billions of people have now become part of the world of international business. New global players from emerging and developing regions are shaping this world in novel and surprising ways. Given the breadth and the depth of the current state of global integration, it might not be wise or possible to undo the progress we have made, and follow our natural instincts of going back to the old days of protectionism and fragmentation.
The big questions for the Academy are "Do we understand the nature and the impact of these processes and do we stand ready to help companies and managers to not only survive but also thrive in a post-crisis world? How can we as international business scholars contribute to resolving the current tensions by offering ideas or even solutions for minimizing the risks of globalization while leveraging its benefits?" The main goal of the 2010 annual AIB meeting is to address these urgent questions in a novel and constructive way. We can all contribute to this task regardless of our specific areas of inquiry since these questions span disciplinary boundaries and reflect the very core of our scholarly mission to inform the field of international business. We see two main ways in which the conference can move the field forward. First, we need to revisit and reevaluate the applicability of our existing theories in light of the changing conditions of global business that might have invalidated their boundary conditions and assumptions. Second, we need to generate novel theoretical ideas that better reflect the dynamics of a post-crisis world and provide relevant and timely knowledge to global managers and companies as well as to policy makers, governments, and all other participants in the global economy.
To address these challenges, we are inviting submissions to ten topical conference tracks and two special conference tracks described below. Each paper or panel submission should be addressed to only one specific track. Please select the track closest to your proposal.
Paper and Panel Submissions:
Paper and panel submissions for AIB 2010 need to be categorized into one of ten topical tracks. Each paper or panel proposal must be submitted to only one track. A list of the tracks is provided below. Please visit for descriptions and keywords for each track, as well as submission instructions for the conference.

1. Institutions, Governance, and CSRTrack chair: Ruth Aguilera, University of Illinois
2. International Marketing Management and Supply ChainTrack chair: Daniel C. Bello, Georgia State University
3. IB Theory, FDI, and Entry ModeTrack chair: Klaus E. Meyer, University of Bath, UK
4. Global Strategy, Alliances, and CompetitivenessTrack chair: Sumit K. Kundu, Florida International University
5. MNC Management and OrganizationTrack chair: Srilata Zaheer, University of Minnesota
6. Innovation and Knowledge ManagementTrack chair: : Torben Pedersen, Copenhagen Business School
7. Emerging, Transition, and Developing EconomiesTrack chair: Anil Gupta, University of Maryland
8. Cross-cultural Management and International HRMTrack chair: Rosalie L. Tung, Simon Fraser University
9. International Economics, Finance and AccountingTrack chair: Timothy Devinney, University of Technology, Sydney
10. SMEs, Entrepreneurship, and Born GlobalTrack chair: Gary Knight, Florida State University
11. Special Track: Teaching International BusinessTrack chair: P. Roberto Garcia, Indiana University
12. Special Track: Methods in International Business ResearchTrack chair: Kwok Leung, City University of Hong Kong
We will be accepting two types of submissions - papers and panels. Paper and panel submissions need to be categorized into one of the ten topical tracks or into one of the two special tracks described above. Each paper or panel proposal must be submitted to only one track. For the special tracks on teaching and research methods, please contact the track chairs to discuss the preferred format of the sessions.
All submissions will be handled through the AIB online submission system. All manuscripts and proposals must be submitted by January 15, 2010. For additional information on how to prepare and submit your submission, a detailed submission instructions page is available on the AIB website. For up-to-date information about the conference and related events, please check the conference website at Any questions regarding this call for papers should be addressed to the track chairs or the Program Chair, Tatiana Kostova, at
Tatiana KostovaProgram Chair, AIB 2010 Annual MeetingMoore School of BusinessUniversity of South

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