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Call for papers for Asia: The Engine for Development and Growth of Global Economy (AEDGE | IC 2010) conference.

This occasion, jointly hosted by H.K. Institute of Management Studies and Research (HKIMSR), Oriental Institute of Management (OIM), in collaboration with College of Business, Universiti
Utara Malaysia, (Kedah), Malaysia, would be solemnised on March 4th, March 5th and
March 6th of 2010 at Mumbai (India).

The substantial deregulation and competitive liberalization of the Asian economies in their trade
and investment regimes has resulted in greater economic integration, since 1990s. Undoubtedly,
with rising purchasing power of the expanding middle class, massive infrastructural development, and the expansion in intra-regional trade and investment, Asia is emerging as an independent centre for growth in the global economy.
The international Conference would be an endeavour to present a forum adored by galaxy of
eminent speakers and/or experts from business academia, corporate and policy developers, where deliberations will focus on ASIA's critical role in the Development and Growth of Global
We are in the process of inviting research papers on the theme, Asia: The Engine for
Development & Growth of Global Economy. All research papers and/or case studies related to
the stated theme and sub themes (please refer Sub Themes – IC 2010 as mentioned below) can be submitted for selection. The sub themes are suggested topics, but not a limitation on your
innovative thinking process.
We are looking forward to:
  • Empirical analysis in the area of sub themes
  • Research papers analyzing recent developments, opportunities and recent measures in the
    area related to theme
  • Case Study Analysis within the purview of the theme
  • Review of recent book(s) related to the theme

Key dates for AEDGE 2010:
􀂃 Abstract and /or Paper submission: Dec 20, 2010
􀂃 Notification to authors: Dec 30, 2010
􀂃 Full Paper submission: Jan 20, 2010
We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to contribute your valuable research paper(s)
for the success of the conference. We would highly appreciate if you also could kindly recommend to your colleagues, industry associates and/ or research scholars to submit their papers. The accepted research papers/case study(s) will be published in the International Academic Journal to be launched during the AEDGE 2010.
Please send your contributions to:_
Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

For the success of the International Conference, your intellectual support is solicited. You are
welcome to write to me for further information, in case you need any.
On behalf of AEDGE 2010 Coordination Committee, we extend our sincere gratitude for
considering AEDGE 2010 as a forum for intellectual exchanges on Asian economic leadership.
Sincerely Yours,
Prof. Tamojit Ghosh Roy,
Principal Convener IC 2010 +91 9819774744

Manuscripts not conforming to the following specifications will be automatically rejected.
• Papers must be double‐spaced and with a 30 mm margin on all sides. This also applies to the
abstract, tables, figure captions and the list of references each of which should be typed on
separate sheets.
• The title of the paper must be brief and contain words useful for indexing. Serial titles are to be
• The names with initials of authors and the address of the institution where the work was carried
out must be given.
• The address for communication with telephone & fax numbers as well as email, should be given.
• Papers must have an abstract (typed on a separate page) of not more than 200 words
summarizing the significant results reported.
• The paper must be divided into sections preferably starting with 'Introduction' and ending with
• All measurements should be given in SI units.
• Avoid numbers at the beginning of a sentence, but if you have to use them, spell them.
• Words and phrases not of English origin and not in common use (e.g., in vitro, in situ) are printed
in italics and should therefore be underlined.
• All tables must be numbered consecutively in numerals in the order of appearance in the text.
• Tables should be self‐contained and have a descriptive title.
• All figures should be numbered consecutively in numerals in the order of appearance in the text.
Original figures could be send as a high resolution jpeg image (300‐400 dpi)Photographs
(standard passport size) should be sharp and of high resolution of 300‐400 dpi
• References should be given as followso
Lewis B. R. and Mitchell, W. (1990)’Defining and measuring the quality of customer
service’, Marketing Intelligence Planning, 8:6, 11‐17
o Parsuraman, A. Zeithaml, V.A. and Berry, L.L. (1988) ‘SERVQUAL: a multiple‐item scale
for measuring customer perception of Service quality,’ Journal of Retailing, 64: Spring,

Sub Themes – International Conference 2010

  • Global Resurgence & Growth – The Asian Experience: Impacts, Lessons, and Strategies
  • Global Economic Crisis and Resurgence in Asia – Key Issues
  • Country Specific Strategies to Combat Global Imbalances: China Japan Korea Malaysia Thailand Indonesia Singapore Hong Kong Sri Lanka India, etc.
  • Asian Roadmap to Global Dominance
  • Industrial Restructuring – Mergers, Takeovers and Demergers
  • Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth
  • New Regional Architecture
  • Industrial Collaborations
  • Macroeconomic and Financial Co-operation in Asia
  • Economic Growth Models – Merits and Demerits
  • SWOT Analysis of Asia’s Export-led Model
  • Trade Liberalization
  • Foreign Direct Investment in the Key Sectors
  • Fiscal and Credit Policies affecting Regional Trade
  • Regional Policies - Impact on Financial Innovation and in Fostering Globalization
  • Intra Regional Trade – Decoupling from West – Crisis & Policy Challenges
  • Integration Process in ASEAN’s Fast Track Sectors
  • New Reserve Currency in Asia?
  • New Trade Architecture
  • Regional Power Grid
  • Climate & Energy Issues
  • Alternate Energy Prospects and Pitfalls (Hydropower/ Wind Energy)
  • Changing Landscape of Agribusiness
  • Rural Consumption Patterns
  • Emerging BFSI Sector
  • Re-modelling Banking Sector
  • Expansion of Automotive Sector
  • Economic Reform and Cooperation in the IT and Manufacturing Sectors
  • Stabilising Strategies in the Asian IT sector
  • Growth of BPO/ITeS sector in Asia
  • Growth in Pharma Sector - Clinical Research – Alternative Medicine
  • Expansion in the Tourism Industry
  • Emerging Sectors – Media & Entertainment
  • Reshaping Rural Marketing: en-cashing the Potential
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and the inclusive growth
  • Cross Boundaries – Working Culture
  • Cross Boundaries – Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing Image of Asia as an Investment Destination – Brand Building Strategies
  • Corporate Governance Reforms
  • Implications of the New Political and Economic Leadership
  • Human Capital Formation: Cooperation in the Research and Education Sector

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