Thursday, March 5, 2009

Call for Papers: Currency, Credit and Crisis: In Search of Banking and Financial Stability

Currency, Credit and Crisis: In Search of Banking and Financial Stability

A Special Issue of the:
International Finance Review

Volume Editors:
J. Jay Choi, Temple University
Michael Papaioannou, International Monetary Fund

This edited book is scheduled as volume 10 of International Financial Review, an annual book series. The IFR publishes theme-oriented volumes on various issues in international finance, such as international business finance, international investment and capital markets, global risk management, international corporate governance and institution, currency markets, emerging market finance, international economic integration and related issues. IFR volumes 1-8 have been published by Elsevier Science; but starting with volume 9, Emerald Group Publishing, the U.K., publishes the series (

About the new volumen:

The edited volume on Currency, Credit and Crisis: In Search of Banking and Financial Stability will publish original papers that examine various issues concerning the structure and functioning of currency and credit markets and instruments, as well as their interactions with financial institutions and markets in general, in promoting or hindering financial stability on a local and global level. Economic and financial stability is also associated with the uses and misuses of derivative instruments and innovative financial products, as well as leverage, by public and private sector agents. In addition, the current global financial crisis has manifested the importance of the interlinkages between these instruments, markets and institutions, as well as inter-market and international spillovers of financial risks and vulnerabilities.

We encourage submission of manuscripts that investigate how individual currency and financial instruments and institutions, and their interactions, can affect local and/or global economic and financial stability. We also invite papers that examine how regulation of these instruments could prevent financial crises and the spread of contagion. All types of original papers – theoretical, empirical, or policy-oriented – will be considered.

Submission Procedure:
Interested authors are encouraged to contact volume co-editors as early as possible. Complete papers should be submitted, electronically in Microsoft Word, via email to both of the co-editors by April 30, 2009:


J. Jay Choi , Laura H. Carnell Professor of Finance and International Business, Fox School of Business, Temple University
Michael Papaioannou, Senior Economist, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund

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