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Call for Papers: Market Entry and Operational Strategies of MNEs in Transition and Emerging Economies

Journal of East West Business
Call for Papers: Market Entry and Operational Strategies of MNEs in Transition and Emerging Economies

Special Issue Guest Co-editors
Mehmet Demirbag – University of Sheffield
Ekrem Tatoglu – Bahcesehir University

With institutional transformations in emerging economies of Central and Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe, Russian Federation, the Baltic States, Commonwealth of Independent States as well as high growth emerging economies of South East Asia, Western MNEs increasingly started to play important roles in management of rapid transformation and change. While some of these countries have largely been successful in attracting MNEs to operate in their home markets, different approaches by some of the host governments and policy makers in some transitional and emerging countries have yielded various and in some cases limited success. These economies are not homogeneous, on the contrary, there appears to be more heterogeneity then homogeneity among these transitional and emerging economies.
Yet, some of the commentators tend to treat these countries within the same cluster.
The heterogeneity among these economies creates various advantages not only in terms of business potential for international operations and cross-border trade, but also for researchers to test recent theories and perspectives in international business area. The aim of this special issue therefore is to offer a conceptual and empirical survey of MNEs’ activities in East-West business context.

This special issue offers a rare and unique opportunity for scholars and practitioners engaged in research on MNEs’ activities in these countries to share their findings in such a scholarly outlet. The forum will provide insights into market entry and operational strategies of MNEs in East-West business context. Topics may include but are not limited to the following issues:
  • · Market entry strategies of MNEs in East-West business context,
  • International licensing and franchising,
  • Supply chain management by MNEs,
  • Mergers, acquisitions and post acquisition strategies of MNEs,
  • Marketing and branding strategies of MNEs,
  • Problems and challenges in developing trust in strategic business alliances,
  • Technology transfer or reverse technology transfer by MNEs,
  • Liability of foreignness and issues of corruption and ethics,
  • Outsourcing and procurement practices of MNEs,
  • Corporate governance, social responsibility and MNEs,
  • MNEs knowledge development and management strategies and reverse
    knowledge transfer,
  • Export/import and trade development,
  • Conceptualizations of FDI strategies by MNEs in contrast to other emerging

The special issue is open and competitive, and submitted papers will undergo the normal rigorous, double blind review process to ensure relevance and quality.
Submitted papers must be based on original work not under consideration by any other journal or outlet. Papers can be conceptual or empirical.

Deadline for manuscript submission is 30th of April 2009 to one of the following Special Issue

Guest Co-editors:
Mehmet Demirbag, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer in International Business
Management School
The University of Sheffield, 9 Mappin Street
Sheffield, S14DT, UK
Ekrem Tatoglu, Ph.D. Professor of International Business,
Chair of International Business and Trade,
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences,
Bahcesehir University, Besiktas,
Istanbul, 34349, Turkey

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