Thursday, February 12, 2009

Call for Papers: Revue de la Régulation/Regulation Review

Revue de la Regulation provides a forum for regulationism related research and for studies that broach the regulationist framework.
The Revue de la Regulation is ranked in Econlit database and also in France AERES and CNRS scientific ranking.

The theoretical principles supporting regulationist analyses provide coherence to a body of XXth century institutional phenomena and dynamics of different forms of capitalism. These principles have heuristic properties that are useful for the analysis of contemporary economic and social recombinations that cannot otherwise be understood. Analyses are based on both historical and comparative approaches that integrate the variability of current economic systems worldwide and the mechanisms among them. Moreover, it is necessary to develop a political economy model that is embedded in social relations in order to understand reconfigurations of power balance between social groups and/or states and to analyze the complexity of institutions.
Given the scope and the diversity of these changes, a journal that assembles research within this intellectual current will facilitate the understanding of capitalism's transformations. Research relates both to the structural characterization of different forms of contemporary capitalism and to the analysis of mechanisms at work (for example, development of immaterial economics, changes in the organization of production methods, new forms of competition, financialization). Research may also relate to the identification of their consequences on society (transformation of inequalities, evolution of wages ) or to identify the impact of these evolutions on economic policies.

The objective of Regulation Review is twofold:
  • first, to promote comparison and exchanges on different aspects of this research and second, to bring together research results, which are all too often presented in a dispersed manner.
    The pursuit of the regulationist researches will further known fields of research, and introduce new problems and new fields of thought.
Therefore, the review's ambition is to take into account the most characteristic dimensions of contemporary changes, in particular:
  • * globalization and the constitution of new inter- and intra-state assemblies. This double movement will modify the power scale and its exercise, especially in regards to the traditional State-Nation;
  • * new forms of regulation which are set up at various levels (regional, State-Nation, but also new forms of sectorial or territorial regulations);
  • * factors likely to generate new forms of crises, particularly demographic and ecological questions;
  • * integration or marginalisation of countries in the southern hemisphere within contemporary capitalism;
  • * new prospects for non-standard micro-economics;
  • * dynamic models

From this point of view, a publication where no thought aspect will be dismissed a priori becomes necessary. Here, the debate on methods, data utilized and their modes of treatment will be continued and developed. Likewise, the dialogue with other disciplines which explore the transformations of our societies must be pursued.

Various types of texts will be published (after submission to the reading panel, RP, or editorial board, EB):

  • Scientific articles (RP with referee)
  • * Theoretical points
  • * Presentation of empirical research results
  • * Critical comments on a regulationist researches from another theoretical point of view View point: opinion - debates - notes related to economic current events (EB)
  • * Response to published articles (EB)
  • * Short proposal, research note (EB)
  • * New fields of research - intermediate research results (report, PhD..) Book and conference reports (EB) PhD presentation (EB)

Language for Submission : French; English.

Jean-Pierre Chanteau
Université Grenoble-II, LEPII-CNRS
Tel 04 76 56 35 90 / 04 76 82 54 31 (secret.: 04 76 82 85 96)


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